The history of our library

The establishment and operating conditions of Tiszaföldvár Parish Library

(Extracts from a library history thesis)

The District Library of Szolnok was established in June of 1950 (but inaugurated only on August 20!) and formed 133 library units by December 31 with 53064 volumes of books (there was 0.1 book for 1 citizen, and on average 3,3 books for 15,970 registered users).  In 1952, 138,378 volumes were borrowed (9 loans for 1 reader, the rotational speed was 2.6).

On September 3, 1950 Tiszaföldvár was already in the record of the District Library of Szolnok with 150 actual (364 registered!) readers.  The deposit collection was probably 350 to 400 volumes of books, but we have no written data on specific operation.

Officially, the library in Tiszaföldvár did not open until January 1, 1952. At that time it was a community centre and a pub. Originally, it opened in Tiszaföldvár Trade Guild's building - which was operating as its headquarters as a casino.

The date appears in many places, notwithstanding (1954 or. 1955). The uncertainty about developments in the Hungarian librarianship is not unique in this era:

"It is also not clear whether the district library was inaugurated (almost) at the same time with basic (public) libraries organized by the Centre for Public Libraries or - and is has more concrete signs that - the district libraries had already worked months earlier than when a solemn inauguration took place." According to Dr. Nyitrai - the county library's former assistant manager - district libraries had to notify councils about their installation. Presumably, in Tiszaföldvár the installation had already taken place but without official announcement towards the council.


Operating conditions:

Székács Istvánné took up the leadership of the library as a social worker in 1952, (from 1954 she earned 875 HUF), she also used her own fuel for heating. The first furniture consisted of 3 long tables, 1 book shelf, 1 sideboard and a few chairs that remained from the former Trade Guild's furniture. Read more ...