In our libraries using the Internet for one hour a day is for free.

  • The service can be used by registered users over 10 during the library opening hours in the order of login. (For younger visitors the service can be used under teacher or parental control)
  • Our users can use the computers not only for browsing, sending mails or word processing, but also for downloading files. The library does not check the up-or downloaded files, the user is responsible for them only.
  • Users can use their own carrier - after a first-line virus scan - on their own responsibility.
  • Computers are regularly maintained and protected against computer viruses, but the library shall not be liable for files on computers and for damages resulted by any virus contained therein.
  • Users cannot store files on the computers, the library is not responsible for any loss of data.
  • They have material responsibility for the library's technical equipment.
  • The library offers users to save files or to print documents (for charge or to the user's carrier)
  • The local system's bandwidth does not allow to download large amounts of data, because it greatly limits the speed of the Internet line. With consideration for others this activity must be avoided. Storing downloaded materials from the Internet is not possible, these are automatically deleted from workstations each day.

Librarians provide information about the use of the Internet, they help readers in orientation, but cannot undertake each individual's challenges.